Tech Support: From Anxiety to Prosperity


And worse: Technology support!

Two words that can make many employees, managers and business leaders shudder. And that’s normal: we’re often afraid of things we don’t fully comprehend. That’s just human nature.

Yet technology makes it possible to do what we thought was impossible just a few years ago. Think of iPhones, Androids, Macs, PCs, the cloud, hyper-fast Wi-Fi networks, the ability to connect several apps, email tools, collaboration tools and more. Of course, we can do even more. But sometimes, more possibilities mean more complexity, more knowledge needed, more choices to make. And that’s where the shudders come in!

But don’t worry, you’ve found the partner you need. Like a Sherpa helping hikers reach the most challenging summits, like a superhero bringing people to a safe spot, ProsperIT guides its clients through a hyper-connected rapidly evolving universe.

support informatique TI

Superheroes of Technology

With great digital technology powers come great responsibility: using them wisely to make things easier for our teams, to increase the organization’s productivity, to give ourselves a significant competitive edge and, ultimately, to make the company more profitable.

And that is our mission at ProsperIT. We want to improve your collaboration around those technologies, allow you to communicate through the applications and co-create and share files, whether you are together or not, around your everyday life.

The Power to Advance Your Company

How does that translate into day-to-day life? By fixing your wireless network that’s been slow for months and that nobody’s been able to do anything about. By releasing the emails sent by one of your managers that were blocked on your iPhone this week. By offering a management tool in the cloud that costs 10% less than your current system but gives you 10 times more possibilities. By implementing a solution no one had thought of to create Wi-Fi access points over a huge surface area with many obstacles. By finding innovative IT solutions for your large-scale event project. By solving persistent problems, by increasing your ongoing productivity and by bringing a smile to your team’s faces.

All that comes from more than our expertise. It’s more than our passion. It’s the reason we’re here.

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Le pouvoir de faire évoluer votre entreprise


To use digital technologies to their fullest potential to benefit your employees, clients and shareholders.


We believe in a work environment where technologies and individuals complement each other. A space that puts digital tools to work for the people who use them. We believe that technology simplifies people’s work and allows them to concentrate on the unique value they bring to companies. And we’re helping build this world, one day at a time.