ZEROSPAM : the importance of secure email

These days, we use email for most of our work communications. But we have to be able to make sure it’s secure to protect information privacy, continuous operations and the integrity of the devices we use. Businesses need to have measures in place to protect everything done by email. (more…)

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MileIQ Premium : a useful tool for SMEs

As entrepreneurs, we’re always looking for ways to make management and our company’s day-to-day business a bit easier. And all the better if the tools that do that help us save money too!

That’s what the MileIQ Premium application can do. It easily tracks and records the precise number of kilometres driven by you or your employees. (more…)

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OneDrive for Business : Optimize your SME’s productivity

Every business strives to optimize its productivity and support its growth.

And there are several tools, applications and systems to help. OneDrive for Business, a file sharing and storage tool, is one of them! (more…)

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