Managing Your IT Infrastructure

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Gestion de votre infrastructure TI

Hand-picked solutions

We’re passionate about putting together ingredients—unique users, material, software and companies to find the winning recipe for you! Beyond the devices we use on a daily basis, like our iPhones, computers and tablets, there’s an IT infrastructure that makes it possible to use all those devices in harmony.

Our solutions to optimize your IT infrastructure include the improving the Wi-Fi connection, considering the computer types, updating the peripherals and implementing a security plan. Your business will have all it needs to shine!

A solid infrastructure for flexible growth

Your business can’t afford to base its productivity and efficiency on a questionable infrastructure. To keep your IT infrastructure from becoming dated, we take care of your tech stock from A to Z, and we make sure every step is well documented. We then keep an eye on your equipment, follow up on your licenses and apply for guarantees.

Évaluation de votre infrastructure

Infrastructure assessment

Before proposing a new infrastructure, our dedicated technicians will assess the existing structure and your needs, detailing the number of employees, expected growth, budget and the speed and security levels you want. If necessary, while we’re managing your projects, we’ll help you access your data remotely, enabling others to collaborate as well, while ensuring the data remains private and secure.

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We understand your situation, your imperatives and your constraints. Regardless of the configuration of your environment, network or equipment, we’ve got the expertise it takes to make sure your IT infrastructure is up and running in no time, every single day.

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