OneDrive for Business : Optimize your SME’s productivity

Every business strives to optimize its productivity and support its growth.

And there are several tools, applications and systems to help. OneDrive for Business, a file sharing and storage tool, is one of them!

What is OneDrive?

Before learning why OneDrive for Business is an effective, useful tool for your business, you should understand what it does.

In short, it lets you easily store and share your folders and documents, so you and your employees can access files from any device.

What’s more, any changes made to the documents are saved in the cloud and can be seen by all the people they’re shared with. OneDrive for Business is a great way for your teams to work together in real time on their own Mac or cell phone.

You can also work with several other people on standard software like Word and PowerPoint.

And it’s simple to set employee access parameters, so an employee could consult some documents but not others, for example. You can also remove a person at any time, like when an employee leaves the company.

Why use OneDrive?

OneDrive for Business offers several advantages to better manage your work.

First, it allows employees to work faster and smarter, and it saves them time.

The tool is easy to use and can be set up to meet employees’ and the organization’s particular needs and expectations.

Further, by storing important documents on OneDrive, you prevent the possibility of losing them, like when a computer crashes. And the business is in complete control of the data and the documents stored on OneDrive. They won’t get lost in an employee’s personal account, and will always be accessible to the company. You’ll have tighter security and will be better positioned to manage the information.

Another advantage of OneDrive for Business is that file sharing and storage is totally secure. Even if you’re working with sensitive information, you can safely store it with confidence on OneDrive.

Lastly, at a time when the work/family balance is becoming increasingly important, employees aren’t necessarily working in the same office. Being able to quickly and easily share folders or important information is crucial. This ability also increases your teams’ productivity and efficiency.

Get OneDrive for Business to make the most of your time, resources and money! Want to install it on your employees’ Macs? Contact us!

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