C2 Montréal / Movin’On

Project Description


Since 2016, our team has been involved in creating the significant C2 Montréal and Movin’On events. These springtime events are the largest gatherings of conferences in North America focused on reinventing the ways we do business.


  • Acting as a bridge between all the technical teams, service providers and the company (C2 International or C2 Montréal).
  • Planning the network and its architecture for both events.
  • Configuring the various partners’ equipment.
  • Coordinating all aspects of the IT system.
  • Working with Vidéotron engineers; sound, video and light tech teams; reporters and those managing the art installations.
  • Collaborating with security to install and configure the IP camera system.
  • Managing the video streaming with Stingray.
  • C2 International (Movin’On) appreciated our work so much, it entrusted us with all the IT aspects of its move to a new office in March 2018.