Information technology services

Use digital technologies to their fullest potential to benefit your employees, clients and shareholders.

Support informatique

IT support for your employees

Our technical support service will help you finally get the peace of mind you’ve been searching for. Each and every member of your team can count on our fast, professional and friendly support. Problem with your Mac? Your Windows 7 won’t upgrade to version 10? The director’s iPhone is acting up? ProsperIT is there for you. Madame’s emails aren’t coming in? The president’s PowerPoint presentation isn’t showing on the projector? Call ProsperIT!

Optimisation de vos outils web

Optimizing your Web tools

There are a countless number of Web tools that can greatly improve, simplify and facilitate several aspects of your company, like getting the most of your Office 365 licenses; managing your email, calendars and contacts better; simplifying communication between employees or managing your sales opportunities or inventory better. There are tools for your situation, your budget and your organization’s specific needs! The challenge is knowing what’s out there, implementing them in your company and making sure your employees are properly trained to use them. That is exactly our specialty!

Gestion de votre infrastructure TI

Managing Your IT Infrastructure

Beyond the devices we use on a daily basis, like our iPhones, computers and tablets, there’s an IT infrastructure that makes it possible to use all those devices in harmony. And your business can’t afford to base its productivity and efficiency on a questionable infrastructure. Every week we optimize companies’ systems. We take charge of your tech stock from A to Z, and we make sure every step is well documented. That’s our priority.