ZEROSPAM : the importance of secure email

These days, we use email for most of our work communications. But we have to be able to make sure it’s secure to protect information privacy, continuous operations and the integrity of the devices we use. Businesses need to have measures in place to protect everything done by email.

Because we know just how important protecting email is to businesses, we’re introducing ZEROSPAM in this article, a complete protection solution against any kind of email-borne threat!

The importance of email security

Email is a particularly significant source and vector of dangerous computer threat. There are several types of cyber-attacks.

The consequences of a cyber-attack are many and can be quite harmful, for example:

  • The server stops working.
  • Files are deleted or changed.
  • Hackers take control of your computer and any open software.
  • Everything you write is saved, including usernames and passwords.
  • How your computer works is changed without you knowing.
  • You get bombarded by spam.
  • Your computer’s hard drive gets reformatted and you lose all the information saved on it.
  • Sensitive information is stolen.
  • Messages are sent as if you were the sender.

As you can see, the fallout from cyber-attacks can be serious. And hackers are discovering new ways to get through lines of defence. It takes innovation to create a barrier that is effective and strong enough to keep them out.

Why choose ZEROSPAM?

ZEROSPAM provides complete protection against cyber-attacks and email threats through various security measures. The threats blocked by Zerospam include all types of malware, spear phishing, phishing, DOS attacks, messages containing dangerous links and attachments, and spam. Zerospam protects you from it all!

Many anti-hacker solutions also block non-harmful emails, what we call false positives. It could be disastrous to miss important professional messages because of a faulty feature! Not only ZEROSPAM blocks every illegitimate emails, it also makes a really good difference with legitimate emails. You can rest assured that you’ll get all your real emails without any problems, while being fully protected from all the dangers!

This solution is easy to use and easy to navigate. Anyone can install it and manage it quickly and easily.

To guarantee you’ll be free from harmful email and threats on all your devices, get the ZEROSPAM solution.

Contact us to purchase this solution and peace of mind!

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