Technical support for your employees

Effective, friendly, proactive emergency and maintenance service

Support informatique

Fast emergency service for all your problems

Our technical support service will help you finally get the peace of mind you’ve been searching for. Each and every member of your team can count on our fast, professional and friendly support.

Problem with your Mac? Your Windows 7 won’t upgrade to version 10? The director’s iPhone is acting up? Emails aren’t coming in at some workstations? The president’s PowerPoint presentation isn’t showing on the projector? You’re moving or changing where you store data? ProsperIT can solve all your problems!

Preventive technical maintenance

We all know that it’s better to prevent than to treat a problem. This saying applies to your IT stock too, whether you’re on Macs or PCs. Let us check on your various devices from time to time, to make sure they get the essential updates, eliminate computer viruses and optimize the components.

Support informatique

A team of proactive geeks

All the technicians on our team use their genius to make sure your IT tools are quickly running at full functionality. We are committed to ensuring your tech tools are always up and running to help your team reach the peak of its craft. We handle your IT problems with a smile and are always happy to answer your questions!

Rates based on your needs

Our clients are different-sized SMBs, so we know that needs can vary greatly from one business to another, even from one project to another. Depending on what your company needs, we offer monthly plan : ProactivIT and AvailabilIT, and for your projects we have our EfficacIT plan.

Une tarification adaptée à vos besoins

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